Jennifer Garner recently made a hilarious joke about virginity while making cranked ice cream at home.

The “Alias” star shared her video on Instagram, which kicks off with Garner telling her millions of followers that she a new favorite recipe and that it’s kind of an emergency.

Garner brings out a piece of parchment paper and places seven ounces of chocolate bars on it. The actress then cuts the chocolate bar into tiny pieces. Garner tries to carry the chocolate bars while still on top of the parchment paper but it breaks.

“I got the knife sharpened but still it didn’t ruin the whole thing (I hope, let’s see),” she exclaims with a laugh.

Garner goes to her stove where a double boiler is being heated up. She also gets something from one of her kitchen drawers. While mixing the bowl of chocolate, Garner realizes that a piece of parchment paper got stuck in her dessert and she removes it.

“Pardon my parchment,” she jokes.

Garner then tells her viewers that her special recipe is called “homemade magic shell.” After revealing the name of her dessert, Garner starts looking for the coconut oil in her kitchen. She reveals that two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil are needed to make the dessert.

“I don’t know why it has to be a virgin. Nobody’s judging here,” Garner once again jokes.

In her video caption, Ben Affleck’s ex-wife revealed that she and her best friend first made magic shell when they were in third grade and they sold it to their neighbors. She said that she started a company with her good friend even though they only offered one-topping flavor.

Garner has been using her Instagram account to share some of her most favorite recipes. Last month, she hilariously referenced her failed marriage to Affleck while making raspberry preserves.

Affleck and Garner were married for over a decade before they decided to call it quits in 2015.