Jennifer Garner just slammed the ongoing rumors that she’s pregnant with John Miller or Ben Affleck’s baby.

On her Instagram account, the mom of three uploaded a video of herself eating chocolate chip cookies. Garner actually posted the short video to support a cause, but what she did also silenced the speculations about her having a fourth child.

In the clip, Garner asked her millions of followers how they eat their cookies. She said that she usually dips them in milk just like most people. But when she eats cookies at night, she dips them in wine.

On the table in front of the “Alias” star is a fresh batch of cookies and a glass of wine. Garner dips one of the cookies in the alcohol and eats it. She also said that those who want to bake cookies with her can send their entry to Omaze.

The fact that Garner consumed even just the littlest amount of wine proved that she isn’t pregnant at the moment. According to American Pregnancy, all types of alcohol should be avoided during pregnancy because they increase the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Last weekend, Garner’s followers became convinced that she was sporting a baby bump. The actress uploaded a beautiful photo of her in a red dress via her Instagram account. But since the photo featured a wind effect, eagle-eyed observers thought that Garner had a growing baby bump.

One of the actress’ followers teased her by saying that she just starred in the best maternity photo shoot thus far. Several others asked if she’s pregnant.

In April, Reese Witherspoon also hilariously responded to rumors that she and Garner are both pregnant. On her Instagram account, the “Big Little Lies” star tagged Garner and said that they are going to have the cutest imaginary family.

“Can we raise our imaginary babies together,” Witherspoon captioned her post.

Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner attends the 6th Annual Save the Children Illumination Gala at the American Museum of Natural History on November 14, 2018 in New York City. Photo: Getty Images/Noam Galai