Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games
An 8-year-old was recently involved in a "Hunger Games" style attack after being hit by a rogue arrow on a school field trip. Lionsgate

Not only does Jennifer Lawrence know how to sprint into action on the silver screen, but she also does rising to the occasion in real life, too. When a young woman collapsed on the starlet's lawn, she didn't hesitate to run to the woman's side and assist her.

The actress had been walking her dog near her L.A. apartment on Monday when she noticed a young female who had collapsed on her front lawn. She immediately rushed to the woman's aid as someone else called paramedics, X17 reported.

Jennifer ran outside her apartment when she heard a girl scream and immediately called 911. When the EMT arrived, she stayed to make sure everything was OK. She was really scared for the girl, a photographer who witnessed the incident explained to the photo agency.

The young lady who collapsed was a juvenile and was part of a group that was together, the Santa Monica Police Department told TMZ. Alcohol may have played a role in the incident.

Luckily for Lawrence, she doesn't need to do much to look decent. Even though she was dressed casually, wearing a black tank top and grey sweatpants in the picture taken by X17, she still looked fabulous. The photograph also shows how concerned the actress was for the girl, as she leaned over her to grab the collapsed woman's phone.

Jenn Law stayed at the woman's side until help arrived, according to MTV. It's not certain why the woman was near the Hunger Games star's lawn in the first place, but she was treated on the scene and allowed to leave soon after.

Lawrence joins a group of other celebrities who have come to the public's aid--Ryan Gosling helped break up a street fight last summer and Ryan Dempsey saved a teen who got into an accident in front of his house, MTV said.

Jenn Law is preparing for the second installment of the Hunger Games. The sequel will be called Catching Fire.