Jerry Seinfeld
Executive producer Jerry Seinfeld answers questions during a panel for the NBC show "The Marriage Ref" at the NBC Universal sessions of the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, California, Jan.10, 2010. Reuters/Phil McCarten

Jerry Seinfeld hinted at the possibility of a “Seinfeld” reunion, during his appearance on the “Boomer & Carton” radio show on WFAN on Thursday.

According to reports, Seinfeld said that the reunion will happen “very, very soon,” after he was asked at the show about the rumors that sprung up earlier this month, when Seinfeld was seen with Jason Alexander, entering Tom’s Restaurant in New York's Upper West Side, an iconic part of “Seinfeld,” the popular sitcom that aired first in 1989 on NBC and lasted nine seasons.

A picture of Seinfeld was posted on Jan. 13 on Twitter with a caption that read: “@HuffingtonPost @BuzzFeed @Gothamist just saw Jerry and George walking in to Tom’s Restaurant.”

According to the buzz at the time, the two were shooting at the location for a Super Bowl commercial, while some other reports said that the two actors were having an informal discussion for an episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

But, the 59-year-old Seinfeld denied both versions on WFAN and instead only talked cryptically about a “secret project” that "was filmed" at the diner on Broadway. He reportedly said on the show: “I gave you more now than I’ve given anyone.”

“I told you what it isn’t. And then I also told you that it isn’t not that, either,” he said, adding that Alexander would be reprising his role as the curmudgeonly George Costanza in the new project, and that it would also involve the sitcom's original co-creator, Larry David, and possibly some of the original show’s characters.

He added saying that the project is a “shortish-form,” but will last longer than 60 seconds, adding that the project is probably “one and done.”