The last episode of "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" Season 3 aired on Thursday, but in no way did the drama end with the installment's conclusion.

The spring finale of the MTV show showed the aftermath of the infamous speech given by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Deena Cortese at Angelina Pivarnick's wedding. The speech, which was more like a roast, didn't seem to be well-received by most of the guests and left some in tears. However, fans were conflicted about whether Angelina was as truly hurt by her co-star's words as she claimed to be in the episode.

When "Jersey Shore" OG Vinny Guadagnino shared a teaser of the finale on Instagram on Thursday in what was supposed to be a promotional post for the reality show, it turned into a showdown in the comments section.

"It’s the aftermath of 'the speech' (the one that really wasn’t a big deal, but the world hyped it up to be and we all just went with it? Yea that one) What WAS a big deal is how Angelina went full bridezilla and X games mode afterwards! Then all the girls basically quit," Vinny captioned the post.

"idk.. i think she was actually hurt," one Instagram user commented. "Angelina was laughing at the jokes, I’m not saying it’s ok to do such things at a [wedding] but if she’s laughing where is the problem?"

"She loved it," the self-proclaimed Keto-guido responded. "She was laughing the entire time. It’s Angelina we talking about she has the dirtiest mouth in history."


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Angered by Vinny's response and driven by the need to defend herself, Angelina chimed in, "@vinnyguadagnino UNBELIEVABLE how u don’t even know what u are saying !!"

"It’s okay u are right I know angelina is always wrong !! Again u can’t tell someone how to feel," she continued. "Please tell my husband @chris_e_piss_e this to his face and I’m sure he will be more than willing to discuss his true feelings about this and much more."

"Don’t u dare say it’s my fault. Your unbelievable," the EMT added. "I shoulda known u would be like this u did the same thing with the jenni and zack thing making things not that big of a deal when it truly was. Your known for it."

Angelina's husband, Chris Larangeira, chimed in and explained, "The speech was very hurtful to me and my wife. It was a very emotional day and even though me and Angelina joke around a lot it was not the time or place for a speech like that."

"My family doesn’t all watch the show and to say things about her being engaged 3 times and being trash was just a classless act on someone’s wedding day. Also she was laughing but you can tell it was an awkward laugh because she didn’t know how to act because we were in shock," he clarified. "I see how the show is making it look like she went all bridezilla but you can’t tell someone how to feel and if something is going to hurt their feelings or not. Especially on an emotional day like our wedding."

In addition to clapping back at Vinny on Instagram, Angelina took to Twitter to threaten the release of some more information in regards to her feud with the other "Jersey Shore" ladies.

It's not all bad blood, though. Angelina revealed that she has seemingly pleasant conversations with Deena and Nicole since the incident, however, her conversation with Jenni didn't go as well.

"Yes I texted all of them and I spoke to them. Deena and me had a nice convo," the 33-year-old tweeted on Thursday. "Nicole I’ve texted and we spoke jenni I texted I wanna move past this and she wrote me a novel about how I tried to sabotage her brand etc. Not saying sorry at all."

Whether or not this drama will trickle into a potential Season 4 of "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" remains to be seen, but if it does, there will be one major player missing -- Nicole.

Fans saw her tearful goodbye as she quit the series on Thursday night's episode, however, she told her podcast listeners of her decision in December.

"I am not coming back to 'Jersey Shore [Family Vacation]' for a Season 4 if there is one," she said at the time. "And there's a lot of reasons why, but the main reason is really, I'm just like...I just can't do it anymore."

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