Jessica Alba
Jessica was in the very early stages of her pregnancy at the premiere of "Little Fockers" in New York December 15, 2010. Reuters

Jessica Alba, 30, gets back to the normal schedule and was looking in remarkable shape, just two weeks after giving birth to the second daughter.

Sin City fame actress flaunted her sexy post-baby body in a maxi dress, teamed with a jacket and brown strappy wedges, when she stepped out of home for the first time post-pregnancy, to take her eldest daughter to a doctor.

Jessica and Cash announce the birth of their daughter, Haven Garner Warren, on Aug 13. The couple was very excited as they posted their new daughter's name on Twitter and Facebook.

Jessica was voted number one of 99 Most Desirable Women in 2006 by a Web site, and the Sexiest Woman in the World by an international monthly men's lifestyle magazine, in 2007.

The proud mom tweeted that she was feeling the strain of being a mother to two little ones but was taking the new role in her stride.

Alba has defeated several physical problems during her childhood, she suffered from collapsed lungs twice, had pneumonia, ruptured appendix and a tonsillar cyst. Despite juggling with such health related problems in the past, Jessica has proved to be a tough, internally and physically strong mother, an inspiration for every woman.

Just two days before her daughter arrived earlier this month, a nine month pregnant Jessica was seen buying furniture with a friend, reported an article on Dailymail.

Doctors suggest that for a healthy pregnant woman, physical activity is very important for the good health of the mother and the child. It also helps improve the mood throughout the postpartum period.