The trial of the 19-year-old former high school cheerleader, Jessica Chambers, who was burned to death three years ago, continued through Tuesday and Wednesday in Batesville, Mississippi, with firefighters testifying she told them someone named "Eric" or "Derek" set her on fire, reports said.

Multiple firefighters and paramedics who tried to help the teen said Chambers told them someone named "Eric" or "Derek" had burned her and several described her as looking like a "zombie.” They also shared graphic details about her burn injuries and stated she was wearing only underwear when she was found.

According to ABC News, one of the firefighters, Daniel Cole, said Chambers had soot around her nose and mouth and when asked who did this to her, she was heard by Cole saying: "Eric set me on fire."

Multiple first responders who testified Wednesday said they heard Chambers say the name "Eric." Many also said she was difficult to understand.  They wrapped Chambers in blankets to keep her warm while she was finding it difficult to say more than a few words at a time, firefighters said. One testified she said the words, "Thirsty" and "Cold," CBS News said.

Another firefighter, Shane Mills, said he was shocked to see the condition the teen was in: "One of the worst things you could imagine. I can't picture it for y'all. Her hair was, you know, beautiful blonde. You look at it at the time, her hair is just fried."

CBS News reported District Attorney John Champion said Tuesday, Chambers suffered an agonizing death with "Horrific burns, horrific pain." The accused in the case, Quinton Tellis faces charges of murder and has pleaded not guilty.

After the firefighters stated Chambers said her killer was someone named "Eric," Champion acknowledged that that was not the name of the man he was prosecuting, but told jurors he believed the evidence in the case would "change your mind."

He added that Tellis, a friend of Chambers, admitted to being with her on the day of her death, but changed his account of how the day played out when he spent time with her that day to local, state and federal investigators.

Referencing statements Tellis made to investigators, Champion said Tellis and Chambers had sexual intercourse in her car the evening she was found with burns all over her body, CBS reported. Champion also said he believed the accused suffocated Chambers, following which he assumed he had killed her.

He then drove Chambers in her car to his sister's house nearby, took his sisters' car and picked up gasoline from a shed at his house and used it to torch Chambers' car and her, Champion said.

"I would venture to guess if all of us sitting here were to know we're going to die, that the very last way we would want to die would be by fire. But Jessica was set on fire," Champion said.

Tellis, 29, faces life in prison without parole if convicted.