“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Season 2 will continue to make some changes to the comic books in Season 2. The newest trailer for the Netflix drama reveals that Jessica’s backstory will be changed even more.

In the “Alias” comics, written by Brian Michael Bendis, Jessica got into a car accident with her parents and brother while they were on their way to Disney World. However, the accident was with a military truck carrying experimental material that gave Jess some serious side effects. After being in a coma for months, she woke up to discover that her whole family died and she had superpowers.

In the “Jessica Jones” Season 2 trailer, her backstory becomes much more complicated. The promo video, released Wednesday, starts off with a fiery car accident. However, it doesn’t look like Jessica (Krysten Ritter) was simply in a coma after the accident.

Jessica Jones Season 2
“Jessica Jones” Season 2 will dive into the origins of Jessica’s powers, but it will be different from the comics. David Giesbrecht/Netflix

“Someone did horrific experiments on me,” she says.

It looks like Jess will consider investigating who is behind those experiments. Trish (Rachel Taylor) is encouraging her to search for answers because she thinks Jess might get some peace with the truth.

The experiments weren’t just done on Jessica. She says that something else was made in the sketchy facility, and a woman tells her she was brought back from the dead. Her powers are a side effect of returning to life.

Of course, “Jessica Jones” needs a mystery. She is a private investigator, after all. It seems there is a killer in town, and she might be the only one strong enough to stop them. Is the murderer the other victim of the experimental resurrections?

Watch the new “Jessica Jones” Season 2 trailer below:

“Jessica Jones” showrunner Melissa Rosenberg included much of the storyline from the “Alias” comics in Season 1 while also making it her own with different plot twists and more character development. However, stepping even further away from the comic books might not be a huge issue.

Unlike Daredevil or Iron Fist, Jessica Jones has a much smaller comic book fanbase. Many viewers of the Netflix series don’t have any expectations about Jessica’s past.

“We had one thing going for us, that also was perhaps going a little bit against us, which is that Jessica Jones is really not a well-known character,” Rosenberg explained in 2016 at a Peabody Awards panel. “So we didn’t have 50 years of canon to draw from. We had 26 or 8 issues, something like that. And we didn’t have the built-in audience because people didn’t know about her. That’s also the great news and the freeing news, which is there wasn’t a lot of things we had to live up to.”

Fans will see just how much changed from the comics when all episodes of “Jessica Jones” Season 2 are released March 8 on Netflix.