“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Season 2 included some big moments for Trish Walker, but fans are even more excited about what’s to come. Her last scene in the finale left viewers with some big questions.

[Spoiler Alert: The end of “Jessica Jones” Season 2 is discussed below.]

In the final moments of the Netflix drama, Trish goes to apologize to Jessica (Krysten Ritter) without much luck. As she walks away, she gets a text from her mother Dorothy (Rebecca De Mornay) asking to have dinner tonight. We don’t she her answer the text because the phone slips out of her hands and nearly falls down the elevator shaft, but Trish uses her foot to catch the phone. Was it luck or does she have powers?

Taylor spoke to International Business Times at the William S. Paley Center for Media in New York on Thursday. She revealed that she isn’t sure if Trish is finally becoming Hellcat, but she is excited for whatever comes next.

“I don’t know what the future holds for Trish Walker, but I definitely love the way Melissa [Rosenberg, showrunner] always puts her own little unique spin on the source material,” she told IBT. “I love that everything has a little twist.”

Jessica Jones Hellcat
Will Trish (Rachael Taylor) become Hellcat in “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Season 3? David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Rosenberg has taken plenty of liberties with the comics. Hellcat was brought into “Jessica Jones” to replace the role Captain Marvel played in the “Alias” comics. In order to make her fit into Jessica’s world, Rosenberg had to alter Patsy Walker’s kid-friendly comic book origins.

“I love what she did with the Patsy Walker reference, that she turned that into this really rich history of Trish having been a child star,” Taylor explained. “And if you’ve read the Patsy Walker comic books, it really lends itself to the idea that it could’ve been a kids TV show. It’s a very sweet comic, so whatever it is, I’d be really interested and intrigued to see what her unique spin on it is.”

Becoming a superhero is certainly what Trish wants to happen on the Marvel drama. She used a dangerous inhaler and volunteered for a crazy medical procedure in the hopes that she could become stronger. Taylor explained that Trish wants to be as able to defend herself, just like Jessica.

“Trish is really driven to be more than what she is, and Season 2 is really about the lengths that she is prepared to go to get what she wants,” Taylor told IBT. “She wants to matter; She wants to use her voice more; She doesn’t want to be vulnerable. I think, in lots of ways, she wants to be more like Jessica, and she kind of covets the powers that Jessica has. Season 2 sees her kind of compromise herself a little bit in order to get what she wants.”

Jessica Jones Trish Patsy Walker
Trish went to extreme lengths to further her investigation in “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Season 2. David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Thouse compromises may have ruined her relationship with her adopted sister by killing Alyssa (Janet McTeer). However, “Jessica Jones” has proved that nothing can tear a mother and daughter apart. Despite discussing Trish’s career comeback while she was still in the hospital bed, it seems like Dorothy is sure to be part of her life.

“Actually, I feel like Season 2 sees a little bit more of a balanced light on Rebecca De Mornay’s character,” Taylor said when asked if their relationship might finally end. “Obviously, Trish’s mother was dubious at best and abusive at worst. In some respects, I think there’s still a little love between these two characters.”

Fans will have wait to see how much love there is between Jessica and Trish at this point. Netflix has not announced if “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” will be renewed for Season 3 yet.