She may sound a little like Britney Spears, or a little like Gwen Stefani, but Jessie and the Toy Boys says she has her own unique quality which came from a combination of musical influences. The singer is also the latest addition to the Britney Spears, highly publicized, 'Femme Fatale' tour which already includes Nicki Minaj.

The pop singer tells US Magazine, that her former punk rock band Shut up Stella, and her two year stint writing pop music in Europe, helped form her latest style for Jessie and the Toy Boys. The singer says her new sound is a fusion of the two, the punk rock roots with really pretty pop melodies.

I'd been in a band that left me feeling like I needed to break out of my comfort zone and gather new perspective and experience, the singer says on her website.

So, I went to the U.K., which is where a lot of important and trend-setting music is made. I went alone. I needed to live by my musical wits and instincts for a while, and see where it took me.

The Los Angeles punk-pop singer (whose real name is Jessie Malakouti) also told US that she was in tears when she heard the news that she would be performing on the same stage as Spears and Minaj. In the exclusive interview Malakouti said, For my generation Britney Spears was an icon. I remember doing my fifth grade talent show to Britney.

Even playing at the Staples Center is insane because I saw the Justified/Stripped tour at Staples when I was fourteen or fifteen and I had nosebleed seats. I remember looking out and closing my eyes and zoning out in my own world, wishing that one day I would play at that venue on that stage and so it is insane that I am making that happen years later.

Following in the footsteps of Lady Gaga, Jessie and the Toy Boys fans have established a name for themselves. Gaga's fans call themselves monsters, while Jessie and the Toy Boys fans have created for themselves the name mannequins.

Watch Trash Me, a video which has been compared to Britney's If You Seek Amy, which Malakouti says are not connected in any way.