A story that began circulating last year about a man who allegedly sued his wife after she bore him an “ugly baby” may be a hoax.

Last October, Jian Feng, a man reportedly from northern China, sued and divorced his wife after she had a daughter who was “incredibly ugly” and did not resemble either parent. Initially Feng sued for adultery, but it later came to light that his wife had spent $100,000 on plastic surgery before she met him, Fox31 reports.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me,” Feng told the Irish Times.

Feng then sued his wife, who has not been named, for marrying under false pretenses, since he had no knowledge of these surgeries before they wed. The judge reportedly agreed, and awarded Feng $120,000 from his wife.  

A new photo of the alleged family was recently posted online, and has drawn skeptics – positing that the story is fake.

The family portrait showing three children with apparently different eyelids than the two adults in the image, has raised doubts since the original claim mentioned only one child. Not only that, the Chinese blog RocketNews24 wrote about the same photo last year, saying it appeared in an ad for a plastic surgery center in Taiwan. The text appearing above the family’s heads reads, “The only thing you need to be afraid of is how to explain it to your children.”

Redditors who have commented on the family portrait photo, which has been gaining steam online, point to the plausible idea that the photo was wrongfully attributed to Feng’s story. The original article in the Irish Times includes before and after images of a woman who is reportedly Feng’s wife, as well as a photo of the child in question – both of which may add some legitimacy to the original claim.

Regardless, some are saying the story highlights a dark side of humanity.

“I feel bad for the kid, having to live with a dad who's so ugly on the inside,” Redditor mircat1 wrote. “One should love their own child unconditionally and not run around publicly judging their appearance.”