• Jill Biden tweets about wanting to "build a world" where women's accomplishments are celebrated instead of diminished
  • This came after columnist Joseph Epstein mocked her academic career in his Wall Street Journal op-ed
  • Biden received praise from netizens for the way she handled the issue

Jill Biden has responded to an op-ed mocking her academic accomplishments by tweeting that she wants to build a world that celebrates women's achievements.

The Wall Street Journal published over the weekend an editorial written by Joseph Epstein calling on President-elect Joe Biden's wife to stop using the "Dr." title, claiming it “feels fraudulent, not to say a touch comic.”

On Sunday, the incoming first lady, who has a doctorate in education from the University of Delaware, took to Twitter to seemingly throw shade at what many have described as a "misogynistic" article.

"Together, we will build a world where the accomplishments of our daughters will be celebrated, rather than diminished," Biden tweeted.

Twitter users flooded Biden's post with supportive messages, praising her for the way she handled the issue.

"As expected, a wonderful and classy response. Thank you. (From a dad with girls. This is what we need.)," one commented.

"Mother of 3 girls here, one with a JD (Juris Doctorate for those who do not know) a soon to be DPT (Dr. Physical Therapy) one with masters in Evolutionary Medicine. NO ONE WILL EVER SQUASH THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS! WSJ OP-ED is something out of the 50’s! There’s Dr. in the White House!" another wrote.

"I am so excited for my daughter (and my son), to see a woman like you as our FLOTUS! Between you & Vice-President Elect Harris, this is going to be an amazing time to raise kids. They’re going to see that women will not be diminished. That women have equal power. And Equal voice," a third netizen wrote.

Before Biden tweeted her rebuke to the columnist, numerous social media users had called out the Wall Street Journal and Epstein for the op-ed.

"Dear @WSJ If you can't hire men with self esteem, your articles are worthless. I wonder if Mr. Epstein even understands what a PHD means. It gives Jill Biden the title of Dr. Poor, little, petty Joseph Epstein. #Misogynist," one tweeted.

"This is an incalculably misogynist and sneering attack on Jill Biden from a man who dismisses her achievements whilst having none of his own. A PhD is no small feat. Claiming that only medical doctors get to use the term 'Dr.' is false," another wrote.

Northwestern University, where Epstein had been listed as an “emeritus lecturer of English,” has since distanced itself from the columnist. The school also removed Epstein from its website, the Daily Northwestern reported.

“Northwestern is firmly committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, and strongly disagrees with Mr. Epstein’s misogynistic views,” said the university.

Joe and Jill Biden
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