Jillian Michaels is ending her two-year absence from "The Biggest Loser," as the celebrity trainer gears up to get overweight children into shape on the NBC show.

The network announced Tuesday that Michaels will be back for Season 13 of the show, which transforms its participants from fat to fit, Us Weekly reported.

The goal of getting children to a healthy weight hits home for Michaels, who didn't always have the svelte physique she now boasts.

"As a former overweight teen, I know firsthand how dramatically weight issues can affect every aspect of a child's life," she told Us Weekly.

Michaels teased her Twitter followers about an "announcement" she thought would "make some of you very happy," which some fans of the trainer construed as plans to marry her girlfriend, Heidi Rhoades, the Daily Mail reported.

The celebrity trainer detailed the format of the newest "Biggest Loser" season during an appearance on the "Today" show. Putting the spotlight on overweight teens is a new twist on the show, which formerly dealt with adults struggling with weight.

"You know, the show has chosen to take on something very controversial. They're going to go after childhood obesity. There are going to be three teenagers on each team," she said, according to the Daily Mail. "They're not going to be on the ranch, and they're not going to be competing. It's obviously something that needs to be handled with kid gloves, but it's something that needs to be handled."

A change from prior seasons will be the absence of a scale to weigh the participants. The scale will be tossed out for Season 13 and instead the teens will be encouraged to be more active.

"We won't be getting them on a scale; it's about getting them on a softball team, things like that," Michaels said.

The announcement that Michaels is returning to "The Biggest Loser" coincided with the release of the celebrity trainer's "Killer Abs" DVD.