• Jim Carrey mocked Melania Trump in his latest political artwork, calling her the "worst first lady"
  • The actor was slammed on Twitter for the piece
  • Carrey earlier created artwork portraying former President Donald Trump as a killer clown

Jim Carrey mocked former first lady Melania Trump in his latest political artwork, but his piece received mixed reactions on Twitter.

The comedian shared his illustration, which features a cartoon version of Trump smiling against a turquoise backdrop, on Twitter Friday. The artwork includes a caption in pink ink that reads: "Oh...And goodbye worst first lady. I hope that the settlement can finance your life in the shallow end. Thx for nothing."

Carrey's artwork was praised by some Twitter users, while others were not happy with his representation of Trump, calling it bullying and sexist.

"Jim, I’ve always loved you and your movies. I know very well that you hate Trump... you’ve made that clear... But, Shame on You for attacking her. She was elegant and polite. Should be ashamed," one person wrote.

"I always thought you were cool. Now you’re too vindictive with pics like this. Why do the left target people with such venom in the exact way they preach against when the demonizing others for doing it? This would be found sexist and anti-female etc. Such hypocrisy!" another tweeted.

"I think Melania was a fantastic First Lady. So elegant, graceful, kind and so beautiful. Make us laugh again Jim. Don’t bully innocent women," Bobby Demetro added.

"Absolutely appalling to attack the first lady who did her job with grace and dignity and got nothing but criticism from everyone on the left. And it's shameful that not one woman from the left defended another woman for these baseless attacks," Carol Howard commented.

Other Twitter users, however, showed support for Carrey, with one praising the actor for putting humor in the situation.

"That's actually a pretty good likeness. You've captured the apathy and vapidity," Steve Weintraub tweeted.

"Jim carrey has an incredible eye for art. He truly captures her pure essence in this work. Masterpiece," one Twitter user commented.

"She chose the worst platform, 'Be Best' and they go down in history as THE WORST! To be fair, Michelle Obama was a tough act to follow. Melania never stood a chance against such character, class, grace, intelligence, style, eloquence, authenticity and caring," another user wrote.

"This is perfection! A declarative and magnificent depiction of all that she represents: Ugliness, shallowness, no matter how many cosmetic procedures, her rancid core comes through. So very talented!" another added.

Following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Carrey also created artwork depicting former President Donald Trump as a killer clown.

"But Covfefe, the Killer Clown didn't just come to take lives. He's here to murder the truth and weaponize ignorance," read the piece he shared on Twitter. "Today's defilement of the Capitol dome is the harvest of Republican negligence and outright sedition from the top down. The chronic symptoms of a corrupt President and Senate are now in full effect."

Carrey used to impersonate President Joe Biden on "Saturday Night Live," but he announced on Twitter in December that he will no longer play the role on the show. He played Biden in six "SNL" episodes alongside Maya Rudolph, who impersonated Vice President Kamala Harris.

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