Jimmy Kimmel announced on Twitter Thursday that he will be the first ever late night host to interview the adult entertainer, Stormy Daniels, who allegedly had an affair with President Donald Trump and was paid hush money weeks before the election. Kimmel’s show will follow Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, Jan.30.

Soon after Kimmel's announcement regarding one of his biggest "political" interviews of 2018 so far, social media users took to Twitter to respond to it. While some said it would be interesting to watch the interview, some raised concerns about an adult star being brought to Kimmel's show.

A spokeswoman for the program confirmed the show’s booking to Variety.

Daniels came into the spotlight after the Wall Street Journal reported earlier in January that Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, had paid $130,000 in hush money to the adult star as part of a non-disclosure settlement weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

The WSJ report claimed that Stephanie Clifford (Daniels' real name) had a sexual encounter with the president after she met him at a golf tournament at Lake Tahoe in 2006.

Daniels said in an interview six years ago that she had an affair with Trump. However, the interview had not been published until last Friday, and included controversial details such as “[The sex] was textbook generic … it was nothing crazy. It was one position, what you would expect someone his age to do,” the Wrap reported.

Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen stated that the adult film star denied the accusations regarding the hush money that was allegedly paid to her. The alleged affair between the two took place in the summer of 2006, a year following Trump’s marriage to his third wife, Melania Trump, and just months after she gave birth to their son, Barron Trump.

The White House also denied allegations regarding the matter.

A White House spokesman said earlier this week: "These are old, recycled reports, which were published and strongly denied prior to the election."

Cohen, who allegedly made the payment to Daniels, said in a statement: "President Trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence as has Ms. Daniels,” the Sun reported.