The Duggars ventured to Laredo, Texas, on Tuesday’s “Counting On” to meet Jinger Duggar’s courtship partner’s parents. The trip was memorable, to say the least. The TLC series showed Jim Bob Duggar making it clear to his sixth oldest he thought she was moving too fast in her relationship with Jeremy Vuolo, among other telling statements.

Jinger’s trip to Texas with parents Jim Bob and Michelle in Season 2, episode 4 kicked off with Jeremy giving them a tour of his apartment (Jim Bob took it upon himself to go into Jeremy’s closet) before giving Jinger a gift -- a recording of him singing her a hymn important to their relationship. During the song, Jinger, 22, rested her head on Jeremy’s shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her, resulting in Jim Bob telling the couple they’re “moving pretty fast.”

On day two of the trip, Jeremy, 29, took the families on a tour of Downtown Laredo. At Jim Bob’s request they visited a pawn shop, but he was quickly disappointed by the items for sale. After entering it became clear the shop was geared towards selling jewelry, mainly rings.

“Don’t get any ideas now,” Jim Bob told the pair. “I didn’t want them kind trying on ring sizes or anything like that at this point,” the dad of 19 later told the cameras.

During a meal, Jim Bob interrogated Jeremy about how he would be able to afford being married on a “modest Pastor salary,” calling Jinger’s shopping habits “expensive.” He continued by calling Laredo “hot” and asking if he would ever consider moving to the Duggars native Arkansas. With Jinger admitting her and Jeremy’s courtship of two months is on the fast track, Jim Bob also made it clear he doesn’t think they’re ready to take the next step.

“I just don’t think they’re at the place to swap spit yet,” Jim Bob said.

While Jeremy admitted Jim Bob put him “on the spot” during the meal, he defended his potential future father-in-law to the cameras. “He makes a lot of jokes,” Jeremy said. “It doesn’t really bother me.” Jinger added she doesn’t think her dad is trying to slow down their relationship, but is merely upset about the thought of his daughter moving so far away from the family.

“It’s his little girl,” she reasoned. “So I think it’s just emotionally hard for him.”

The families continued their tour by visiting the church where Jeremy works, and Jinger shared she could see herself being at home there. When Jeremey’s parents commented they’re certain Jinger is the right woman for their son, Jim Bob agreed they’re a good match.

“I think it is meant to be,” he said. “We just have to pray about the timing.”

Jeremy and Jinger Duggar Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar reunited on “Counting On” on Tuesday.