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Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo are enjoying newlywed life. TLC

Don’t expect a baby Vuolo anytime soon. “Counting On” stars Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar have revealed babies are not their first priority after marriage.

The newlyweds dished on their new life together in a TLC.com video released Monday night and Jeremy hinted that children may not be in their near future.

“We love children but we’re obviously just focused on getting settled in to Texas and the ministry and being together,” Jeremy explained. Jinger didn’t comment on the baby situation during the clip, only looking to Jeremy to answer the family planning question and smiling at his response.

While Jinger didn’t comment on the pregnancy inquiry, she did reveal she is settling into life in Texas after moving out of her home state of Arkansas in November. “We’re establishing our lives together so I know that there will be visits to and from with the family,” she said.

While babies may not in their near future, Jinger and Jeremy did reveal they have big plans for 2017. The couple said they’re hoping to learn Spanish together.

This is not the first time Jinger and Jeremy have been coy when asked to discuss their plans for children. Earlier this month, Jinger told People she and Jeremy were leaving their family planning up to a “higher power.” Jeremy shared a similar comment in October 2016 during a “Counting On” special, telling the cameras they were “looking to the Lord to see what he provides.”