Joan Rivers
Those oversized sunglasses could come in handy: Joan Rivers experimented with marijuana on her reality show. Reuters

Joan Rivers has a medical marijuana card and she's not afraid to use it -- with cameras rolling.

Under the guise of being stressed out by her daughter's boyfriend's parents, Rivers legally obtained a strain of 420 by the name of Louis VIII -- apparently approved to treat anxiety -- and toked in a parked car with a friend. The camera crew for the so-called reality show Joan and Melissa documented the whole thing.

After securing the hallucinogen, Rivers and a friend lit up a newly purchased bowl and waited for the drug to take effect. When Joan's companion told her she wasn't sucking on the bowl hard enough, Joan said, Last time somebody told me to suck it in a car was 40 years ago.

While that's a genuinely funny line, noting about this scenario seemed real - even by reality TV standards.

Giveaways that the bit is scripted:

  • Melissa Rivers pretending to not be acting.
  • They are trying to smoke a bowl with a match.
  • They make a big deal about how hungry they are within minutes of smoking. Everyone knows the munchies hit when you're coming down.
  • They are acting more drunk than high, telling each other they have pretty hair, talking about how Melissa is such a good girl. They should be staring into space with drool coming out of the corners of their mouths - not acting like giddy sorority girls.
  • Joan's friend attempts (and fails) to drive a car. Just because the pot is legal, doesn't mean that stoned driving is!
  • Melissa Rivers pretending to not be acting. (Don't quit your day job, Mel -...Oh. Right.)

Still, someone did their research: There is such a thing as a Louis VIII strain of marijuana. According to a review on, Louis VIII's head high is relatively clear and slightly introspective. It hit the reviewer right behind the eyes and immediately relaxed [his/her] body.

Rivers offered some commentary about her experience on Twitter. California is insane! she tweeted. It's illegal to smoke a cigarette in public but if you get a note from your doctor you can smoke pot! HUH?

Watch Joan Rivers get stoned in a clip via Jezebel.