Jodi Arias
The Jodi Arias murder trial began Wednesday with opening arguments from both the defense and the prosecution. Defense attorneys for Arias, the 32-year-old Arizona woman who has admitted to brutally murdering her former boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008, claim that she was abused and controlled by Alexander, who she says was a sexual deviant. Mesa Police Dept.

Jodi Arias told a Phoenix courtroom Monday that her former lover Travis Alexander, whom she killed, was aroused by pictures of young boys.

The accused 32-year-old is on trial for murder, but claims she killed Alexander in self-defense.

In her third day of testimony, she told the jury she caught Alexander getting aroused while looking at pictures of little boys months before the murder took place in June 2008.

She also stated that he had given her Spiderman underwear for Valentine’s Day in 2007 and told her he thought it was “hot” when she wore them during sex.

The trial seemed to explode on Monday as Arias expounded on the “deviant” nature of their sexual relationship.

The most gripping moment of the interview was when she recalled walking in on Alexander masturbating.

According to Arias, on Jan. 21, 2008, she had forgotten something at her ex-boyfriend’s apartment and went back to retrieve it.

She accidentally walked in on him masturbating, and even though they had sex “more times than she could count,” Arias was allegedly embarrassed.

Arias then told the jury, there were pictures all around Alexander. He clumsily tried to gather them up before she could see them, but Arias told the jury she saw a picture of a young boy in his underwear.

She said the boy in the picture looked like he was 5 or 6 years old.

“I was frozen there for a minute- well, maybe not a whole minute- I didn't know how to react.”

Arias said she rushed home and vomited once she got there.

But she then strangely claimed they went on to have sexual relations that night since she thought it would “help” him.

According to Arias, after seeing the pictures she knew why he found it “hot” when she wore the Spiderman underwear and told the jury they had anal sex with the children’s underwear repeatedly.

“He preferred sex with women, it made him feel normal, more normal,” she testified on Monday.

“It's hard to describe this. It’s very embarrassing. He seemed very ashamed with himself and he didn’t want to be that way. It was something he struggled with. It’s not who he wanted to be its not who he wanted to be in the future. ... When he had sex with women he felt more normal and it was preferable to his other deviant urges, I guess you could say.”

On Monday Arias talked of the first time she had vaginal sex with Alexander, in May 2007, saying she woke up to him inside her one night.

She had been keen to differentiate between anal sex and vaginal sex, since vaginal sex went against Alexander’s Mormon vow of chastity, with Arias considering oral and anal sex a “grey area.”

She also testified that her former lover had a violent temper, sometimes physically assaulting her, but that she “loved him.”

The accused said he once kicked her in the ribs while she was on the floor and hurt her finger.

Arias lifted her scarred, bent finger in court that she made a makeshift splint for after in incident.

“I would have never called the police on Travis,” she said of the abuse on Monday. “I couldn’t imagine doing something like that. It would have felt like treachery, I wouldn't have betrayed him. I was loyal to him.”

But friends of Alexander claim Arias is lying during most of her testimony.

Taylor Searle, a friend of the deceased, told RadarOnline:

“She is scary because you know she is lying about something, but you almost think she believes her own lies because she is selling it so effectively.”

Searle added: “He always told me she was a nymphomaniac and super sex-crazed, so I am assuming what ever happened it wasn’t all him – but that is assuming what she says actually happened!”

If convicted, Arias could face Arizona's death penalty.