John Stamos recalled his 2015 arrest for drunk driving, saying he didn't care about his life at that time.

The 59-year-old actor shared he didn't intend to end his life, but, at the same time, wasn't worried about it either.

"For the longest time, when I was not sober, when I was fuzzy, I thought, 'I've done it all.' I didn't wanna kill myself, but I didn't care if I died," Stamos said, CBS News reported Sunday. "I said, 'I've done it all. if I die tomorrow, it's OK.' What was I thinking? I hadn't done it all. I still haven't done it all, not even close."

Stamos went on to recall that "fateful night" in 2015 when he got into his car and thought he could drive but, in reality, he couldn't.

The actor further said he just has "flashes" in his mind about "driving in circles" and people driving near his car would roll down their windows and ask him to pull over. Stamos added he went to rehab after this incident and it was "the hardest thing ever."

"I went into becoming an adult kicking and screaming," he said. "And when you have the whole world going, 'You look 20,' I didn't have any of those tent poles that say you're an adult, right? I was just skatin' through."

The "Full House" actor admitted that he had "Peter Pan syndrome, which is dangerous."

Following the car arrest in June 2015, the actor was sentenced to three years of probation, three months of alcohol abuse program, attend 52 alcoholics anonymous meetings and two hours of counseling sessions to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction.

After almost three years, Stamos went on to marry actress Caitlin McHugh in 2018 and the couple share a 4-year-old son named Billy Stamos. Before marrying McHugh, Stamos was married to actress Rebecca Romijn from 1998 to 2005.

On the work front, Stamos was last seen in the TV series, "Big Shot," as Marvyn Korn. He also lent his voice to Iron Man's character in the animated series, "Spidey and His Amazing Friends."

John Stamos
John Stamos has expressed his excitement for fatherhood on social media. Pictured: The Hollywood actor attending the 2018 A+E Upfront in new York City on March 15, 2018. Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for A+E