John Travolta joined Nicolas Cage as the latest celebrity suspected of being a mysterious time traveler.

As in the case with Nicolas Cage - who was quite outlandishly compared to a vampire from the 1800s - a 19th century picture has surfaced that bears a striking resemblance to the Pulp Fiction star.

Also like the Nicolas Cage picture, the new John Travolta doppelganger photo first appeared on the Internet consumer-to-consumer site eBay (though it has since been removed).

The photo, from an eBay seller in Ontario, Canada, is a ruby glass ambrotype photo from the 1860s. It was listed as Original 1860's AMBROTYPE John TRAVOLTA REINCARNATION? with a starting price of US $50,000.00.

If you think the price tag is a bit high, don't worry, it comes with free shipping and gift wrapping.

I've had this interesting photograph for years and I've been unable to part with it, the seller notes on the auction site. When you look at it and into the eyes of the sitter you will see what I mean!

I believe this is the photograph of a very young John Travolta taken around 1860, the seller continues. It hasn't been changed, tampered with or altered in anyway. It is clear and is as nice as the day it was taken, roughly 151 years ago.

The thing that I always found striking about this photograph and I'm sure that you will too is the amazing identical eyes, hairline and most importantly John's very unique trademark chin.

The seller continues to tout the photo as one of a kind, out of this world, and touched by the spirit of the supreme being.

The story is taking on a new level of seriousness with those who note that scientologists (like Travolta) do believe in the idea of past lives. The church even asks some members to sign one billion year contracts of service.

According to the church's official Web site:

Today in Scientology, many people have certainty that they have lived lives prior to their current one. ... Past lives is not a dogma in Scientology, but generally Scientologists, during their auditing, experience a past life and then know for themselves that they have lived before.

The church doesn't appear to have any official statements on time travel.

The Nicolas Cage photo (also removed from eBay but posted on Etsy) claimed that he was more than just an A-list actor. The eBay seller from Seattle, Washington argued that the carte de visite photo from around 1870 was a vampire who lived in Bristol, Tennessee around the time of the Civil War.

Personally, I believe it's him and that he is some sort of walking undead/vampire, etcetera, who quickens/reinvents himself once every 75 years or so, Jack Mord, of Thanatos Archive, wrote in a note accompanying the photo on eBay.

150 years from now, he might be a politician, the leader of a cult or a talk show host, Mord continued. My theory is that he allows himself to age to a certain point, maybe 70, 80 or so, then the actor 'Nicolas Cage' will 'die' ... but in reality, the undead vampire 'Nicolas Cage' will have rejuvenated himself and appeared in some other part of the world, young again, and ready to start all over.

The seller has refused phone interviews, admitting a weird phobia about phones.

Neither Travolta nor Cage has spoken out about the mysterious photos.

Have a look for yourself. What do you think?