Johnny Depp
According to the ex-managers of Johnny Depp, he pays someone to tell him his lines. Pictured: Johnny Depp on Jan. 18, 2017 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

As one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, with a reported net worth of $400 million, “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Johnny Depp has extra cash to spend and according to the actor’s ex-managers, some of that money goes towards paying someone to tell him his lines.

During an ongoing legal battle with the actor over his spending habits and debt, the ex-managers have made an amended complaint against Depp after he sued their group for fraud. According to The Management Group, Depp’s sense of entitlement is “clear and epic.”

In the complaint, which was filed on Monday, attorney Michael Kump wrote, “Depp listened to no one, including TMG and his other advisors, and he demanded they fund a lifestyle that was extravagant and extreme.” He continued, “Ultimately, Depp and/or his sister and personal manager, Elisa Christie Dembrowski, knowingly approved all of Depp’s expenditures.”

Among the purchases Depp reportedly made were 14 residences, 45 luxury vehicles and 70 collectible guitars, but the most notable spending habit came from the actor paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a sound engineer to give him his lines while he was on movie sets, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Depp insisted that this sound engineer be kept on yearly retainer so that he no longer had to memorize his lines,” wrote Kump. A lawyer for the actor respond to the claims, calling them “psychobabble.” The lawyer went on to say, “This is how guilty people respond when confronted with the detailed results of a nine-month legal and forensic investigation conducted by four firms.”

During a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Depp refuted the claims of his former business managers, saying, “Why didn’t they drop me as a client if I was so out of control? I’ve worked very, very hard for a lot of years and trusted a lot of people, some who’ve clearly let me down.”

The actor sued TMG in January, claiming that after he was fired by the group, his new manager discovered TMG collected fees Depp never agree too, failed to file his taxes on him and loaned out money without his approval. The Golden Globe-winning actor says the group led him into debt.

Depp is now seeking $25 million in damages and told the Wall Street Journal he can use his money as he pleases. “It’s my money. If I want to buy 15,000 cotton balls a day, it’s my thing,” he said.

As for TMG, the group’s lawyer believes the actor suffers from “compulsive spending disorder” and wants him to be submitted to a mental health evaluation.

“Depp’s extravagant spending has often been marked by a lack of impulse control,” stated Kump. “In retrospect, it appears that Depp may suffer from a compulsive spending disorder, which will be proven in this action through a mental examination of Depp... and expert testimony. On information and belief, Depp’s flagrant bragging about his senseless and extreme spending to The Wall Street Journal is further evidence of his psychological issues.”