Johnny Depp
Lawyers representing Johnny Depp, photographed at a charity event in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 27, 2016, have accused Amber Heard and her legal representation of leaking documents related to their divorce. Reuters

Johnny Depp is taking steps to ensure that the details of his messy divorce from Amber Heard remain between them and their legal counsel — but will the “Magic Mike XXL” actress agree?

Entertainment Tonight was able to get their hands on documents filed by Depp’s team asking that a privacy agreement be put in place before moving forward with his split from Heard. In the paperwork the “Alice: Through the Looking Glass” actor addresses Heard’s request for copies of his financial documents, stating that he would hand them over after his estranged wife signed a confidentiality agreement. At present, Heard has been presented two other requests for privacy, which she reportedly refused to sign. He is also asking that the court strike down several subpoenas from Heard, including her request for the financial records of Depp’s bandmates. His lawyer, Laura Wasser, claims that Heard and her team have perpetuated the media circus surrounding the split, releasing the details of early settlement discussions. Wasser claims Depp, 53, and Heard’s divorce has quickly become “one of the most heavily publicized” and is calling for compliance from Heard and her legal representation.

“Amber’s need for financial information to resolve this case is distinct from the public’s appetite for information about celebrity divorces,” Wasser said in the documents. “Amber has inexplicably refused to sign any agreement to maintain confidentiality in this action.”

The public nature of Depp and Heard’s divorce has drawn commentary from several outsiders. On June 27, Winona Ryder — who dated Depp in the early 90s — weighed in on allegations that he was abusive to Heard. Ryder told Time magazine she was “shocked” by claims her ex had gotten physical with a women, telling Time he never laid a hand on her. The “Girl, Interrupted” actress recalled Depp as “a really good, loving, caring guy.” Still, she refused to discredit Heard’s statements, telling the publication that it was not fair for her to say it did or did not happen as she was obviously not present at the time the alleged incidents occurred.

“I can only speak from my own experience, which was wildly different than what is being said, she told Time. “He was never, never that way towards me. Never abusive at all towards me.”

Ryder isn’t the first to defend Depp against abuse allegations. On May 29, comedian Doug Stanhope penned a scathing essay on his personal website in which he claimed Heard’s allegations of abuse were “bulls---.” The essay was picked up by The Wrap, which Stanhope later claimed changed his title — which was simply, “At a Loss for Words…” — to something stating that Heard was “blackmailing” Depp. In an interview with “The Howard Stern Show,” Stanhope maintained that he “didn’t write that f---ing title,” but stood by the claims made in the essay.

Others have alleged that Heard, 30, is out to get her estranged husband’s money, citing a request she made for spousal support totalling $50,000. TMZ later reported that she withdrew her request. The publication stated that she only ever submitted it because she believed it was standard practice in divorce proceedings. Heard said that she believed the court would have had Depp pay her $1 million per month in temporary spousal support based on the fact that he reportedly made $30 million in 2015. By this logic, $50,000 per month seemed like a fair amount to Heard and her lawyers. She has stated that she will not be seeking financial assistance from Depp at this time, but may revisit the idea after they settle their restraining order case.