Actor Johnny Lewis, best known for his role on “Sons of Anarchy,” was found dead on Wednesday. Lewis, the sole suspect in the alleged murder of his landlady Katherine Davis, may have been high on a designer drug, specifically C2-I, also referred to as “smiles,” police told the Los Angeles Times.

The toxicology tests to determine for sure whether or not Lewis was on “smiles” or any other drugs could take several weeks to complete. ABC News reported that local law enforcement officers have found similarities in the 28-year-old actor’s erratic behavior and the psychotic effects found in users of designer drugs, like “smiles.”

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration says that “smiles” causes hallucinogenic effects, reported the L.A. Times. These effects could have been what caused Lewis to allegedly bludgeon his 81-year-old landlord to death before falling off a balcony he had climbed to his own demise, authorities believe.

“Smiles” can be bought illegally in either pill or powder form, and is often mixed with chocolate before ingesting, an article in the L.A. Times said. C2-1 is listed as a schedule-I controlled substance by the DEA, which means it cannot be legally manufactured, sold or bought.

Lewis supposedly attacked Davis on Wednesday morning at the Writer’s Villa, a bed-and-breakfast-style house for young people working in Hollywood.

“The Writers’ Villa is a rambling Spanish home in Los Angeles, set up for creative people,” claimed its website. “The ambience is much like that of a fine Bed and Breakfast Inn, combining the best of hotel and home. Built in the style of a hacienda, the villa offers large rooms and private patios.”

CBS reported that the Lewis was on a destructive path months before the incident on Wednesday, and probation officials were concerned for his well-being, and the potential danger he posed to those around him. Over the past 10 months, Lewis had been arrested and sent to counseling. He was released from jail only five days prior to allegedly killing an elderly woman, whom Lewis is believed to have been renting a room from; he later either fell or jumped to his own death, according to several media reports.

Police responded to reports of a woman screaming and breaking glass at 10:40 a.m. on Wednesday, and found Lewis dead in the driveway of the Writer’s Villa upon their arrival. The officers also found a dead elderly woman, identified by coroners as Davis, in her bedroom.

The reported cause of death for Davis was blunt-trauma and strangulation. Davis was beaten to death and her cat was found mutilated in her bathroom, ABC News reported.

Lewis, who supposedly killed Davis and her cat, also reportedly was involved in multiple confrontation with other people in the neighborhood before falling to his death. Eyewitnesses told ABC News that Lewis had “superhuman strength.”

"Mr. Lewis at some point jumped over a fence into a neighbor's yard, and for some reason attacked the painter who was over there painting the house," LAPD Cmd. Andrew Smith said in an ABC News report. “The painter and the homeowner were able to get him away. He jumped back into his yard where he was staying and at some point shortly thereafter fell to his death."