Jon Paul Steuer, a musician and best known for his '90s role as a child actor starring in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" died on New Year’s Day (Jan. 1) at the age of 33 years. His death was announced Thursday on the Facebook page of his band, "P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S."

The cause of Steuer's death has not been made public. He is survived by his parents, Paula and Tom.

"It is with heavy hearts and saddened minds that we announce the passing of our dear friend and singer Jonny Jewels, AKA Jon Paul Steuer," the band wrote on its Facebook post Thursday. "The addition of Jonny to our dysfunctional band family was one of the best choices that we have ever made, and he brought a much needed sense of fun and lightheartedness to everything we did."

"He was only with us for a little more than a year, but we managed to cram a lifetime of great experiences into his tenure as our singer: dozens shows at home in Portland and across several states, an amazing European tour, and our best full-length release yet," the group continued. "We've lost our singer, but far, far more than that we've lost a friend. Rest in peace, Jonny...we love you. Jon Paul Steuer March 27, 1984 - January 1, 2018."

Born in Escondido, California, Steuer became the first child actor to play Worf's son Alexander Rozhenko on the cult series "Star Trek: The Next Generation," in 1990. He appeared on one episode of the show.

"The show called me back a just a few months later to play Alexander again, but I'd only grown half an inch or something," he had told the A.V. Club in 2015.

"The line of questioning was, 'How tall are you now? How much do you weigh?' Klingons are this powerful warrior race, so they wanted me to be dramatically larger. They also wanted a deeper voice out of me. But I was still 6. Brian Bonsall was a couple years older than me, so that's basically why he got the part," Steuer had said.

Steuer also acted with James Earl Jones in 1990’s "By Dawn’s Early Light" and with Mary Tyler Moore in 1990’s "Thanksgiving Day." He played Quentin Kelly on the ABC TV series "Grace Under Fire" from the years 1993 to 1996. After the cancellation of "Grace Under Fire," Steuer quit acting due to controversies about the show stemming from his co-star Brett Butler’s behavior, Variety reported.

Steuer started attending modeling shows and castings when he was 3-years-old, which ultimately led him to bag a minor role on the television series, "Day by Day."

In 2003, Steuer moved to Denver, Colorado, where he first formed the band named "Kill City Thrillers" for which he was the lead singer under the name Jonny P. Jewels. The band dissolved in 2009. Later, Steuer and his band member shifted to Portland, Oregon, where they formed the band called "P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S."

Steuer also ran a restaurant business. He opened the vegan restaurant called "Harvest at the Bindery" in 2015 with a partner, chef Sean Sigmon. On Thursday it was announced that this eatery would be closing, according to ET Online.