Josh Peck finally showed how much he has grown up from his Nickelodeon days. The actor looked handsome and mature during the red carpet event of Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards.

Peck is following the steps of former child stars, who turned adult hotties, stated E!News, as he flaunted his suave and mature look in a blue sharply tailored suit and high tops. The star’s red carpet look was a surprising and welcome change to the polo shirts that his onscreen character used to wear. The “Drake and Josh” star was also one of the hosts for the Teen Choice Awards, alongside Ludacris and Gina Rodriguez.   

The young actor has been looking forward to his first Teen Choice awards hosting gig and has been keeping his Twitter followers updated with his pre-event preparations last week. In one of Peck’s Twitter shout-outs, the star wrote, "I'm so close to @5SOS I'm speaking in an Australian accent #TEENCHOICE." 

Prior to the start of the show, the actor also showed off his new looks and showcased his cute red carpet Macarena dancing skills. The official Twitter account for the Teen Choice Awards shared the clip, along with a message that read: “Watch @PortableShua whip & nae nae on the #TeenChoice blue carpet! #ChoiceNaeNaeJosh.”

The star’s fans also took to Twitter and shared their excitement about the show. One fan wrote that the Peck is the "only reason" she is watching the awards show, while another tweeted that the “actor always be one of my favourite people from Nickelodeon.”

Meanwhile, Peck also told US Weekly Sunday that he was “incredibly excited” with his hosting gig and described the event as his way of “stargazing.” The 28 year old actor also admitted that he needed to mentally prepare himself prior to the start of the show, in order to “avoid embarrassing himself.”

Peck even revealed that there were several celebrities that he tried to avoid during the Teen Choice Awards. These stars included Britney Spears, 5 Seconds of Summer and Vin Diesel.  Peck told the magazine that if he were to have eye contact with these stars, "There’s a good chance I might completely lose it if I do."

The Teen Choice Awards aired in Fox last Sunday, August 16.