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The Bachelor’s, Juan Pablo is hit with backlash after anti-gay remarks as he continues his quest to find love on reality television Reuters

Juan Pablo may just be the sexiest "Bachelor" ABC has yet to recruit: He appears to have it all, a sexy accent, a professional sporting career, and he’s a dad! But if history tells us anything, it is that love is hard to find on reality television. So what is it that Juan Pablo is really looking for, love or fame?

Juan Pablo got his first hit of controversy last week when he stated that a gay or bisexual bachelor would not be good for kids. ABC was quick to rebut the remarks, calling them "careless and insensitive.” While the "Bachelor" did apologize, it seems the damage is done.

But with controversy, come the headlines, the gossip, and the fame… So is the Venezuelan heartthrob in it for love?

From watching the show, Juan Pablo seems to have chemistry with more than one of the ladies, and thus far there doesn’t really appear to be a front runner. At times it can actually be quite painful to watch, as language becomes a barrier for him communicating with the girls. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Juan Pablo admitted that the show was hard, and he wanted to quit a few times.

While we know he didn’t quit, and a winner has been chosen, the question remains, who is the lucky lady and will it last?

Jake Pavelka, one former "Bachelor," used the show to reach for fame. He appeared on "Dancing with the Stars," and is now an aspiring actor. Ali Fedotowsky, a former "Bachelorette," is now an E! News correspondent. Knowing the career and fame potential this show has, how genuine are the contestants and the "Bachelors" and "Bachelorettes." As the show plays out, we will have to see if Juan Pablo does strike a genuine love connection and live happily ever after like Trista and Ryan, a couple who met on the show and have been married for more than a decade.