Judd Apatow
Judd Apatow, pictured at the Season 3 premiere of "Girls" Jan. 6, presented at the 2015 Critics' Choice Awards Thursday. Reuters


  • Judd Apatow poked fun at Tom Cruise for allegedly sitting on a stack of books to reach flight controls in "Maverick"
  • Apatow also joked that the film's lead actor was afraid of co-parenting and antidepressants.
  • Apatow's joke about Cruise at DGA came a month after Jerrod Carmichael did the same at the Golden Globes

Judd Apatow poked fun at Tom Cruise while emceeing the Directors Guild of America Awards Saturday.

Apatow roasted the "Top Gun" star at the DGA Awards by making fun of his height, family life and more.

"The special effects in 'Maverick' were so top-notch, I couldn't even see the stack of phone books Tom Cruise sat on to reach the flight controls," Apatow joked about Cruise's height, Variety reported.

"Remember when Tom Cruise jumped up and down on the couch, and we all thought, 'What a lunatic!'" Apatow continued, referring to the infamous 2005 incident on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." "And now he rides a motorcycle off a cliff and BASE jumps, and we're all like, 'Tom's fine!'"

"Tom is not fine. Someone needs to explain to him something called CGI. You're 60. Calm down," Apatow added. "But every time he does one of these new stunts, it does feel like an ad for Scientology. I mean, is that in Dianetics? Because there's nothing about jumping off a cliff in the Torah."

Apatow wasn't done with the "Mummy" star. He also poked fun at his relationship with his family and his opinions on mental health.

"The only thing he seems to be afraid of is co-parenting and antidepressants," the comedian, director, producer and screenwriter said. "I doubled my Prozac today just for this. I doubled it! Do you think if Tom Cruise took antidepressants, he'd be like, 'I'm not jumping out of a f--king cliff. I'm rich!'"

Cruise has three kids, two of whom he adopted with ex-wife Nicole Kidman. He also shares 16-year-old daughter Suri with ex-wife Katie Holmes.

Cruise has been open about his opposition to using "mind-altering psychotropic drugs," calling them dangerous and psychiatry in a previous interview with Matt Lauer on "Today."

"I've never agreed with psychiatry ever," he said. "Before I was a Scientologist I never agreed with psychiatry."

He previously attacked Brooke Shields for taking medication as treatment for postpartum depression. In his interview with Lauer, Cruise called psychiatry "a pseudoscience" and said that drugs only "mask the problem."

"Drugs aren't the answer. These drugs are very dangerous they're mind-altering, anti-psychotic drugs, and there are ways of doing it without that," Cruise said

Last month, comedian Jerrod Carmichael also roasted Cruise after he returned three Golden Globes awards in protest of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in 2021. Carmichael appeared on stage with three trophies when he introduced presenters Glen Powell and Jay Ellis, Cruise's "Top Gun: Maverick" co-stars.

"Hey, guys backstage I found these," Carmichael said, per Variety. "[It's the] three Golden Globe awards that Tom Cruise returned. I'm just a host briefly, or whatever, but I have a pitch, I think. Maybe we take these three things and exchange them for the safe return of Shelly Miscavige."

Carmichael was referencing Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige. She has not been seen in public in many years. Former Scientology member Leah Remini often used social media to question Shelly's whereabouts.

US actor Tom Cruise, seen at the Cannes Film Festival, aims to help movie theatres recover from the ongoing slump triggered by the pandemic.
US actor Tom Cruise, seen at the Cannes Film Festival, aims to help movie theatres recover from the ongoing slump triggered by the pandemic. AFP / Valery HACHE