In case you missed it, the "Siesta Key" drama came to blows on Tuesday night's episode--and MTV is only on episode 2.

During a housewarming party for new roommates Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens, Chloe Trautman pulls Juliette aside for a chat about their friendship. It clearly didn't go very well because it ends with Juliette delivering a blow to the back of Chloe's head and almost pulling out her extensions. 

Now, months after the incident Juliette, 21, took a moment to explain her actions and how she feels now. 

"I do regret getting physical," she told HollywoodLife. "But the only reason I got physical was because I was so taken off guard by her reasoning behind everything that was going on between us. It was very impulsive."

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"At this time of year, I was graduating college and trying to move on. I was really busy with my own life," she added. "So was I calling her every day, asking her to hang out and talk? No, I wasn’t, and I think that’s fair because a lot of people don’t talk to their friends and they still pick up where they left off."

Viewers of the MTV show know that Juliette isn't one to back down when confronted with something whether it be in person or over the internet. She recently called out her "Siesta Key" costar Cara Geswelli shortly before the Season 3 premiere. 

"Cara is a shady skank and she [expletive] @johnnybananas while dating @__GarrettMiller in Cancun," Juliette she tweeted. 

She followed up, "Cara from our show lol," so there was no confusion.

"Siesta Key" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV. 

Juliette Porter - "Siesta Key Juliette Porter from MTV's "Siesta Key." Photo: MTV