• "Jurassic World 3" filming has begun
  • The plot could be about saving dinosaurs from extinction
  • The film will be released in 2021

Filming of “Jurassic World 3” started recently with the production crew ready with animatronics of the dinosaurs. A new theory has surfaced online that explores what storylines the fans can expect in the film.

After the volcanic eruption in the sequel, the dinosaurs are currently spreading to the main land across the globe. Governments will be involved in saving their citizens by killing this new threat. According to a theory by Screen Rant, the plot of the next movie could be about saving these endangered species from a worldwide purge.

One of the ways the heroes can save the dinosaurs is by capturing them alive and transporting them to a safe place. There could be a race against time to save these creatures before the governments kill them off.

The movie could move towards an ending where the dinosaurs replace humans as the dominant species of the planet. Alan Grant (Sam Neill), who will be returning in “Jurassic World 3,” previously said that the human species does not stand a chance against dinosaurs if the latter are given the opportunity to co-exist on earth.

To make the story personal, the plot could include Owen (Chris Pratt) searching for Blue. The velociraptor has been a big part of the first two films of the new trilogy and it is expected to return.

Colin Trevorrow is back in the director’s chair and he revealed the title of the film as “Dominion.” He also promised to share more photos from the production set while filming in the coming weeks. The director previously shared a photo of a baby triceratops dinosaur.

It remains to be seen what new dinosaurs the upcoming film will introduce to the franchise. The first two films have focused heavily on the concept of hybrid dinosaurs.

“Jurassic World 3” will be released on June 11, 2021.

Jurassic World Bryce Dallas Howard
Bryce Dallas Howard loves starring in "Jurassic World." She is pictured in the second film, "Fallen Kingdom." Universal/Amblin Entertainment/Legendary Pictures Productions