“Jurassic World” sounds like the coolest theme park on the planet. Although it’s fictional, a promotional website for the family-friendly attraction has been created to drum up excitement for the upcoming film starring Chris Pratt. Ahead of the June theatrical release date, the site has been updated to include 18 dinosaurs that will be on display at the park.

After potential spoilers leaked in the form of toys, the official “Jurassic World” site has posted some information on the beasts that will likely appear in the film. The site, which is meant to mimic a tourist website for those planning their bizarre summer getaway, was recently updated with the pre-historic dinosaurs that could potentially be making their way to the movie screen in Colin Trevorrow’s “Jurassic World.”

What makes the reveal unique, other than its appearance on a website built as though the park is a real-world destination, is the fact that each of the dinos has a fun little information page. Each page contains statistical info including diet, habitat, size, weight and aggression levels.

These are the 18 dinos coming to “Jurassic World” in some way or another:

- Ankylosaurus

- Apatosaurus

- Baryonyx

- Dimorphodon

- Edmontosaurus

- Gallimimus

- Indominus Rex

- Metriacanthosaurus

- Microceratus

- Mosasaurus

- Pachycephalosaurus

- Parasaurolophus

- Pteranodon

- Stegosaurus

- Suchomimus

- Triceratops

- Tyrannosaurus Rex

- Velociraptor

Viewers will note that three of the dinosaurs’ statistics pages are blocked out. The pages for the Pachycephalosaurus, the Parasaurolophus and the Velociraptor cannot yet be viewed for some unknown reason. However, CinemaBlend points out that each of these species of dinosaur has already appeared in the three previous “Jurassic Park,” movies.

Another noteworthy addition to the list is the film’s titular antagonist dinosaur, the genetically modified Indominus Rex. Those who watched the film’s first official trailer will remember that the Indominus Rex was the park’s first foray into using genetics to create a brand new dinosaur. Although the studio is probably saving the first real look at the new dino for those who pay full ticket price to see the flick – the site gives a silhouette of the very pointy monster.

“Jurassic World” hits theaters June 12, 2015. Fans will simply have to wait until then to see how each of these dinosaurs will be incorporated into the film.