It looks like Universal Pictures and Hasbro Toys might have leaked some spoilers for the upcoming “Jurassic World” movie. According to images that supposedly show the film’s official toy line, some new genetically modified dinosaurs have been revealed, as well as the names of Chris Pratt’s velociraptor friends.

The photos were posted to the site and Wind Design. They allegedly show the toy version of the raptors that work alongside Owen (Chris Pratt). If the images can be trusted, the action figures reveal the names of his good-guy dinos as Charlie, Delta and Echo.

“Clever as ever, 'Jurassic World’s' velociraptors – Charlie, Delta and Echo – are masterful hunters. Now, they’re teaming up to hunt the ultimate predator!” the toy’s accompanying description reads.

As for that “ultimate predator,” that is more than likely a reference to Indominus Rex, revealed to the audience in the trailer as a genetically modified dinosaur created at the park to be the ultimate attraction. However, the leaked toy images seem to hint that Indominus Rex might not be the only genetically modified creation of "Jurassic World."

The toys introduce the world to the abomination that is the “Stegoceratops” (a Stegosaurus/Triceratops hybrid). It’s entirely possible that the Stegoceratops is simply a creation of Hasbro that they think will sell to children. After all, they’re supposedly marketing an entire line of these toys to children ages 4-11 centered around battling dinosaurs. If the canon establishes that hybrids can exist, it would make sense for Hasbro to capture a Pokemon-like monster lineup. However, there’s no guarantee that the existence of the toys, if real, will automatically equate to an appearance in the movie. Still, CinemaBlend points out that the trailer does show Stegosaurus and Triceratops together at one point. No one from Hasbro was immediately available for comment.

It’s worth mentioning that there are good reasons to believe that these alleged “leaks” aren’t anything official or real. First of all, is not to be confused with the movie’s official website. It is merely a comprehensive fan-made news site for all things “Jurassic World.” While the folks running the website do an admittedly good job, the images cannot be considered cannon just because of their appearance on the site. Secondly, the information surrounding the toys differs greatly from what was presented in the film’s first official trailer.

Indominus Rex is billed as “the first genetically modified hybrid,” by Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, making the addition of a “Stegoceratops” a bit of a head scratcher. Furthermore, those who watch the trailer closely will note that Chris Pratt’s character is flanked by four raptors, not three. What’s the name of the fourth dinosaur and why doesn’t he/she/it have a toy?

Fans will simply have to wait until the June 12 release date to have all of their questions answered.