• "Justice League" producer Deborah Snyder said Jared Leto only did one new scene  
  • Deborah also shared that Ezra Miller had to be filmed remotely
  • Most of the new shots in "Justice League" involved CGI-heavy characters

Jared Leto only filmed one new scene for Zack Snyder's "Justice League."

Many were excited about Snyder's version of the film after hearing that it would be released on HBO Max. However, producer Deborah Snyder noticed the unreasonable expectations about the reshoots they did as many were thinking the majority of the scenes would be redone. She said it wasn't the case and shared how Leto only shot one new scene.

"People kept thinking, 'Oh, they went and shot so much more stuff,' and I go, 'We literally shot one scene, like one additional [scene]. I shot three days here. That's it. That's what we captured," Zack Snyder's wife told the LightCast podcast.

Leto's new scene was featured in the second major trailer. It is said that the scene involves "Batman" star Ben Affleck as well as Ezra Miller and Amber Heard. But Miller's footage was shot remotely.

"It was also weird because Ezra [Miller] was shooting [Fantastic Beasts at the time] and he's in the scene. So, we shot him remotely. Zack Zoomed in because he was on Fantastic Beasts. Luckily, their crew is amazing. They were like, 'We'll help you!' So, we got a green screen and they had a camera feed and a Zoom. He got to direct Ezra via Zoom and we put him in," she added.

Most of the new shots in Snyder's "Justice League" involved CGI-heavy characters. She also noted that while they were working on the movie, some wanted Zack to change some of the designs of the new characters. They decided to stick to Zack's original intention in terms of the characters and rebuild the models, but they had to do a lot of shots for it.

"The running time is just about four hours. If you think about it, about how much extra time that is, and then you think about how visual effects-heavy these superhero films are, we had to do, in six months, 2,650-some-odd visual effects shots," she explained. "And normally, when you do these movies, what happens is, as you're shooting, you start turning over shots. Listen, we had a lot of assets built, but I think the way the theatrical release was done, they changed a lot of things."

Meanwhile, there was confusion about Heard’s involvement in the movie. Some didn’t see her in the new trailer and in the end credits and her critics were pleased with it. However, many pointed out that she is still part of the superhero flick.

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