It’s been months since Justin Bieber spoofed rumors about his alleged marijuana habit in an “SNL” skit, but the 19-year-old singer doesn’t appear to have gotten warier about being photographed smoking.

In a cellphone photo that’s been making the social media rounds this week, Bieber can be seen holding what appears to be a long joint while seated next to a young woman who bears a strong resemblance to Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande, who was previously rumored to have dated Bieber. The cigarette in Bieber’s hand also looks similar to the one he was seen holding in a now-infamous photo that went viral in January, which TMZ described as a “smoldering blunt.”

A photo of Justin Bieber holding what appeared to be a joint made the social media rounds on Tuesday. Twitter

That photo, supposedly taken at a party in Newport Beach, Calif., caused an uproar among Bieber’s devoted teenage following of “Beliebers,” and even at one point prompted a small group of fans to connect the picture to a Belgian lookalike named Robin Verrecas, who vehemently denied any involvement in the incident.

According to TMZ, reps for both Bieber, 19, and Grande, 20, dismissed allegations that Grande was the girl photographed, and claimed that the photo was doctored to make it appear as if the “Boyfriend” singer was smoking when he wasn’t. However, neither parties have personally commented on the photo.

In the meantime, Bieber just released his newest single, “Heartbreaker,” which the Canadian pop star has hinted is about his high-profile split from Selena Gomez. Listen to the song below: