Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez cannot keep away from each other and have been texting each other again, a report by Hollywood Life said Wednesday, citing a source. The latest report comes after rumors over the last few weeks suggested that Bieber and Gomez may be dating again, following a video last year that showed the two singers spending time together.

Hollywood Life reported that though the former couple, who broke up in 2014, has not taken things to a romantic level, they could be headed toward that direction. Last month, fans of Bieber and Gomez’s relationship went into frenzy after the “Sorry” singer shared a photo on Instagram from their dating days, in which the two were seen kissing each other. Gomez, who had earlier said that she was “done” talking about Bieber, had liked the Instagram post that was captioned “Feels.”

“Justin and Selena are talking over text but it is a little strained between the two right now,” the source told Hollywood Life, adding: “But as much as it isn’t getting romantic right now, things change every second with these two that by the weekend if Justin is lonely, he will probably start putting on the charm to get her interested again.”

“Just another day between these two, they can’t stand each other and they can’t stand being without each other,” the source continued.

Although reports of Bieber and Gomez getting back together have been making the rounds, Hollywood Life said in another report last Thursday that the “Heart Wants What It Wants” singer was “furious” at him for bringing his rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin to iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 3.

The report cited a source to say: “Justin tried to secretly bring Hailey as his date to the iHeartRadio Music Awards. ... He’s decided to give things another go with her, and hid her backstage away from prying eyes because he didn’t want Selena to know.”

“However, she went backstage and saw Justin with Hailey and she was furious about the whole thing. That’s why she was so stand-offish with him that night,” the source added.