Bieber performs at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards in Universal City
Justin Bieber fans on Twitter are interested in who the singer would vote for, despite him being ineligible to vote. Reuters

Justin Bieber fans on Twitter really want the teen superstar to vote in the presidential election.

One problem: Although Bieber is now the legal voting age of 18, he's a Canadian citizen and not eligible to vote in the U.S. on Nov. 6. Nevertheless, Bieber fans flooded Twitter during the final presidential debate Monday evening, asking him how he was voting.

@malak_swag tweeted, “@justinbieber your 18 who are you going to vote for!? #Obama #romney.”

Many seemed not to get that Bieber can't vote in the election.

@NaoimuBeezus tweeded, “@justinbieber vore for Obama. He likes Canadians.”

Bieber, who turned 18 on March 1, would be eligible to vote this year were he American. The singer appeared on the David Letterman Show in June, according to the Huffington Post, where the late night talk show host encouraged him to participate in the election.

"Listen, Justin, you should vote here!" Letterman said. "It would be a great example for young people all across this country, and maybe a little bit in Canada, if you were to vote."

Letterman apparently was also unaware that Bieber is Canadian; but the singer assured him he would vote if he could.

"If I could vote, and if I were an American citizen after I turned 18, I would definitely vote," Bieber said.

When asked for whom he could vote if he could, Bieber avoided the question.

With Obama and Romney currently neck and neck, and many voters still undecided, some fans harbor a wish for a third candidate:

@go0ldielocks tweeted, “@justinbieber FOR PRESIDENT I MEAN COME ON YALL IT WOULD EB ONE SWAGGY COUNTRY.”