Justin Bieber
Canadian singer Justin Bieber performs in a concert at the Atlantico pavilion in Lisbon March 11, 2013. Reuters/Hugo Correia

Justin Bieber was seen “high-fiving” his friends in closed-circuit TV footage, after egging his neighbor’s home in Calabasas, Calif., a Los Angeles police affidavit, released on Friday, reportedly revealed.

The surveillance video obtained by police, showed a white male who "resembled and who I will refer to as suspect Bieber run from the direction of victim Schwartz's residence and then up the driveway at suspect Bieber's residence," according to E! News.

Shortly after, the detective witnessed Bieber run back to his residence, investigators observed Bieber “high-fiving.” "Suspect Bieber and the other males appeared to be laughing and celebrating," detective Ginni Alvarez reportedly said.

In January, Bieber was allegedly throwing raw eggs at his neighbor’s house, which caused $20,000 in damage. The neighbor and his daughter Jessica reportedly heard strange noises on Jan. 9 and went outside to check the house, following which the neighbor allegedly had a verbal argument with the pop star.

Investigators of the case have obtained a search warrant of Bieber’s Instagram account, which could be a key piece of evidence in the case, as detectives match the description given by Jessica of the attacker's clothing with a photo posted on the star's Instagram on the same day.

Bieber was detained for nearly four hours by U.S. customs when he arrived on an Air Singapore flight from Tokyo and was later allowed to leave the LAX airport Thursday. Prosecutors have yet to charge Bieber in the egg-throwing case.