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Kailyn Lowry recalled the birth of her third son, Baby Lo. MTV

Kailyn Lowry just had her easiest pregnancy with Baby Lo.

On Monday, Lowry shared details about the birth of her third son, nicknamed Baby Lo, on her blog. According to the "Teen Mom" star, she was in labor for two hours. And while this may sound long to some, two hours is much shorter compared to her previous pregnancies, wherein Lowry had been in labor for 13 and 16 hours for her first and second child.

According to the "Hustle and Heart" author, around 1 a.m. she heard and heard a noise. It turned out she lost her mucus plug, but considering her previous pregnancies, she thought that it would be days before she's ready to deliver her child. "So, again, going off history of labor with the other two, at this point it could be days before," Lowry, 25, wrote. "Lost it the night before with Isaac and a couple days before with Lincoln."

Lowry decided to update her baby daddy, Chris Lopez. She told him that if her water breaks, she would keep him posted. However, things went faster than she expected. "MINUTES later... my water breaks. Get to the top of my stairs, thinking ok I should shower and try to take a nap (at 1:30 am, LOL) in case I'm gona go into labor. Water starts breaking at the top of my stairs and contractions are instantly 3 mins apart... consistently," she said.

The doctor told Lowry to go into the hospital right away. She was surprised because she thought she still had 10 hours to prepare. She initially told Lopez to meet her at the hospital, but decided to have him come get her instead and drive her to the hospital.

They arrived at the hospital an hour later. Lowry said she was already very uncomfortable at this point and that she could barely do the paperwork. She was begging for pain medications. When the nurse checked her, she dilated and heard the nurse say, "I need help."

"I said 'I CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT MEDS' and all the sudden I feel my body almost like curl up into a ball and then I turned into Super Saiyan, as Chris said, and sprawl out, arching my back," Lowry continued. "The nurses are yelling now, 'chin to chest' and baby was out 2 pushes later. 3 am on the dot. I look at Chris and it's like he was STILL while everything else was moving in fast motion around him."

In related news, although Lowry and Lopez just welcomed their baby, the reality star admitted that they are not dating. Lowry wanted to focus on helping her older boys adjust to having a new sibling.

As for her ex Javi Marroquin, Lowry doesn't think that he needs to be involved with her new baby with Lopez. Things are not always good between the pair, but he reached out to Lowry when he heard that she is expecting baby no. 3.