Kaley Cuoco recently brought back her character Penny’s famous “Penny-do” in Thursday’s episode of “Big Bang Theory” Season 11.

On her Instagram account, the actress shared a photo of her character from the hit CBS sitcom with her hair tied in an adorable ponytail. In “The Geology Mythology,” Raj (Kunal Nayyar) met a wonderful woman who he’s interested to date. He asked Penny for advice on what he should do.

During their conversation, Raj told Penny that he and the woman decided to keep things casual. Penny, who is in pig tails in the scene, laughed off Raj’s statement. She is aware that Raj takes things so seriously to the point that he scares others off.

She also encouraged Raj to stop talking about having kids or getting married with the woman since they’ve only met each one time. Raj told Penny that he and the woman he’s interested in will have dinner that night, and Penny reminded Raj to just keep his cool.

After their date night, Raj stuck with his plan to keep things casual. And to everyone’s surprise, he had sex with the woman with absolutely no strings attached – or so we hope.

Elsewhere in the episode, Bert (Brian Posehn) asked Sheldon (Jim Parsons) if he’s open to team up with him on a meteorology project. Sheldon, who was with his friends at that time, decided to say “no.” When no one was looking, Sheldon told Bert that he would gladly work with him.

The next day, Bert approached Sheldon’s table and gave back his jacket. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) asked Sheldon why Bert had this jacket, and Sheldon denied that it’s his. After all, admitting that it was his jacket could only mean he met up with Bert secretly.

When Bert realized what was going on, he became upset at Sheldon for denying that they have teamed up with each other. Sheldon’s friends are not also pleased with him because he didn’t have to lie about anything to protect his reputation.

“Big Bang Theory” Season 11 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.