Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco has been taking of her horses for the past couple of years. Pictured: Cuoco performs during the Charity Pro-AM class at Longines Los Angeles Masters at Los Angeles Convention Center on Sept. 27, 2014 in Los Angeles. Robert Laberge/Getty Images for Masters Grand Slam Indoor

Kaley Cuoco recently shared the most adorable photo of one of her horses, Shmooshy.

On her Instagram account, the “Big Bang Theory” actress uploaded a snap of the cute black horse sleeping soundly. Shmooshy had a pink heart drawn on her mane. She had also had a pink ribbon on her head and tail, as well as a pink mark on the side of her face.

Cuoco did not explain why Shmooshy had ribbons and drawings on her, but on the horse’s Instagram account, which is run by Cuoco herself, a similar photo was uploaded. The caption, written from Shmooshy’s perspective, had the horse wondering who “played” with her appearance.

A couple of months ago, Cuoco revealed that she had decided to adopt Shmooshy, a dwarf mini horse. In May, the actress revealed that she immediately felt a connection to Shmooshy upon seeing her. “The Wedding Ringer” actress was also photographed with the horse, as well as her boyfriend, Karl Cook, when they picked her up.

According to People, Cuoco rescued the dwarf mini horse from The Peeps Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing miniature horses in need. Shmooshy is not the only horse Cuoco is currently taking care of. The professional equestrian has a couple of horses and has been riding with some of them at various competitions.

Most recently, Cuoco and her horse, Escarlata, placed third at the Delma International Horse Show. The actress also shared some photos and videos from the event via her Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Cuoco has also been rescuing dogs and has been giving some of them their permanent homes. At present, Cuoco has three rescued dogs, Norman, Shirley and Ruby. While speaking with the Los Angeles Times, the actress explained why she decided to be involved in rescuing animals, most especially dogs.

“You know, an animal is so innocent. They have no voice… I want to kind of be a voice for them and speak up for them,” she said.

Cuoco is actively involved with Paw Works, a non-profit organization dedicated at helping stray animals in Los Angeles find their forever homes.