Kaley Cuoco and her horses share a beautiful bond.

On her Instagram account, the actress posted a snap of one of her horses, Benji, kissing her head as she looks away from him. Cuoco seems to be inside her barn, which she visits regularly these days since she’s also training for horseback riding and participating in competitions. In the snap, the “Big Bang Theory” actress can be seen wearing black pants and a white shirt.

A day earlier, Cuoco also posted an action shot from one of her horseback riding competitions. Cuoco expressed how much she misses one of her horses, Netty. The actress captioned the pic by saying that she cannot wait to work with Netty again in the show ring.

Every now and then, Cuoco posts photos of her horses, and she also speaks very sweetly of them. In a recent interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Cuoco said that her horses and horseback riding have become very important parts of her life. “It kind of levels me out with his whole Hollywood thing,” she said.

Cuoco shared that she doesn’t like the paparazzi flocking the competition venue, so she uses a secret name whenever she participates. “Bringing paparazzi to horse shows is not a great idea. It spooks the horses, so I’ve actually started showing under a secret name. I have a little bit of an alias which would be really stupid if I said the name right now, but it’s a little bit hard when you’re being followed around,” she said.

Meanwhile, Cuoco also becomes very emotional whenever her horses have to retire from competing. In November 2016, Cuoco bid her horse Thor goodbye after several years of competing together. But part of Cuoco is also pleased that Thor no longer has to be stressed with training, and he can just enjoy running around grassy fields for the rest of his life.