It’s been five years since Kanye West and Jay Z teamed up for “Watch the Throne,” and in those five years, fans have been clamoring for the duo to release a sequel. But after a recent Kanye West rant during his latest performance, it doesn’t seem like the album will come anytime soon.

While performing in Seattle on Oct. 19, West stopped the show for one of his famous rants and discussed why he and Jay Z didn’t appear on the album version of Drake’s “Pop Style” on his album “Views.” According to Kanye, it all has to do with “Tidal-Apple bulls---” and it’s the reason why fans won’t get a “Watch the Throne 2.”

“And let me tell ya something, there will never be a ‘Watch the Throne 2.’ You know why, because that’s the reason why I wasn’t on the song. I wasn’t on the song because of Hov. Cause of some Tidal-Apple bulls---,” West told the crowd. 

Due to Drake’s deal with Apple Music and Kanye and Jay Z’s deal with Tidal, Kanye said “percentages” couldn’t be worked out when discussing the release of “Pop Style.” While Kanye’s argument makes sense for “Pop Style,” it doesn’t explain why a “Watch the Throne” sequel could not be released.

With both Kanye and Jay having ties to Tidal, there should be no issue with them working together on a new album unless Kanye holds some kind of resentment against Jay Z.

“This s--- got me tight, yo! Everytime I perform this song, I think about this s---. I think about the politics and the bulls---,” West said, appearing to be mad at Jay Z. “I can’t take that s---, bro. Our kids ain’t never even played together.”

The Tidal rant wasn’t the only shot Kanye took at Jay Z on Wednesday night. While discussing Kim Kardashian’s robbery incident in Paris, Kanye also revealed Jay Z only checked up on him through a phone call. “Don’t call me, after the robbery and say, ‘How you feeling?’ You want to know how I’m feeling? Come by the house. Bring the kids by the house. Like we brothers.” 

Having worked together for a number of years, including being featured on Kanye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album, Jay Z made no appearances on Kanye’s latest project, “The Life of Pablo,” which could point to the pair’s relationship being strained.