On Wednesday afternoon, Kid Cudi took to Twitter for a rant that involved him calling out “haters within the industry.” According to Cudi, his “tweets apply to who they apply,” including Drake and Kanye West. Now, “The Life of Pablo” rapper has fired back.

During a stop in Tampa, Florida, on his Saint Pablo tour, West cut his performance of “I Don’t Like” short to call out Cudi. “Kid Cudi, don’t never mention Ye name. I birthed you! We all dealing with that emo s--- all the time,” he said. “Don’t never mention Ye name.”

Kanye then threw out Drake’s name and warned Cudi not to tell him who he can and can’t work with. “Don’t try to say who I can do songs with. You mad cause I’m doing songs with Drake. Can’t nobody tell Ye who to do songs with. Respect the god!”

A feud between the two longtime collaborators comes as a surprise as Kid Cudi was featured on Kanye’s latest album, “The Life of Pablo.” But the two have had their issues before. After signing with West’s GOOD Music record label in 2008, Cudi left in 2013, claiming that his featured appearance on Kanye’s song “Guilt Trip” was done without his permission or knowledge.

In an April interview with Billboard, Cudi said the issues he had with Kanye were over and the two were able to talk it out. “Me and Kanye are brothers. With family, there’s always going to be issues and s---. That was the first time I had been around him and his team in a while. In order to get back into the creative process, we had to talk.”

Since his Twitter rant, Kid Cudi has stopped tweeting and left his fans with a tweet that read, “From here, I’ll let the music speak. As you were, peace and love to my supporters and the true ones. Cudder out.”