Kanye West released a new remix today where he denies rumors about hitting women. Pictured here is Kanye with Kim Kardashian and part of her clan of K-named family members.

Kanye West has been accused by some of his ex-girlfriends of being physically abusive, but on a new remix he send a message to new dating interest Kim Kardashian: I never hit a woman, never in my life!

In the remix, Pusha-T, Big Sean, Jadakiss and Kanye West rap over the original track from 16-year-old Chicago-based rapper Chief Keef, who originally had Young Chops produce the beat.

For fans of megalomaniac Kanye West, he doesn't disappoint. Here's one example where he compares himself to Jesus and king of pop Michael Jackson, and then claims that he's never hit a woman in his life: The media crucify me like they did Christ / They want to find me not breathing like they found Mike / A girl'll run her mouth only out of spite / But I never hit a woman, never in my life.

The girl [who]'ll run her mouth only out of spite could be a reference to two ex-girlfriends of Kanye's who have been involved in domestic abuse rumors. Every since Amber Rose was reportedly telling people that Kanye West physically abused her during their relationship, there have been rumors about Kanye's being a woman-beater, but In Touch also reported that Alexis Phifer, Kanye's ex-fiancée, also has similar tales to tell.

According to information gleaned by In Touch from a close friend of Alexis Phifer's, Kanye's an abuser, and that's what led to their breakup in 2008 after an 18-month engagement.

The source claims that during a Fourth of July party held at the couple's house, Alexis stumbled upon Kanye looking at a naked photo of Kim Kardashian on his phone. Alexis was apparently actually friends with Kim before she met Kanye, but when she asked him about the photo, he got mad.

He said he couldn't control who sent him the photos, the source said. But then he started getting dramatic – huffing and puffing and making a bid deal. (Kanye, making a big deal of something?? We're shocked!)

They went outside, the source continued, and Kanye pushed Alexis into some bushes with all his force. She was wearing a t-shirt and she got cuts and scratches everywhere and was bleeding. She was crying. And then what'd he do? He just left her there. He got in his car and drove away.

This comes after Kanye himself in a leaked email obtained by Media Take Out claimed, to a female admirer, that in addition to cheating on him all the time, Amber Rose – his ex-girlfriend and now Wiz Khalifa's finacée – told people I beat her and all kind of wild sh*t.