Kanye West
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Kanye West has been slammed for referring to Parkinson’s disease in the lyrics of a song on his latest album 'Yeezus,' TMZ reported.

The track in question is 'On Sight,' where he raps: "A monster about to come alive again / Soon as I pull up and park the Benz / We get this b***h shaking like Parkinson's."

This line has offended the American Parkinson Disease Association, which called out the rapper for his ignorance. "We find these lyrics distasteful and the product of obvious ignorance," Vice President Kathryn G. Whitford told TMZ.

The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation called the lyric insensitive, adding that West should take out some time to learn about the disease and its other symptoms.

"Kanye West is without question a richly talented and multifaceted artist. With utmost respect for freedom of expression and the inherent controversial nature of art in general, there is, however, a fine line between expression and insensitivity," Tom Palizzi, chairman of the People with Parkinson's Advisory Council, wrote in a blog post.

Palizzi added that he would be glad to help West understand the various truths and myths associated with Parkinson’s disease.

'Yeezus' is West’s sixth solo album, and several tracks on the album topped iTunes charts just a few hours after its release in the U.S. on Tuesday, according to Reuters. Critics have also been appreciative of the album, calling it an "ambitious" and "daring" project, the Reuters report said.

Billboard Magazine earlier announced that ‘Yeezus’ could sell up to 500,000 copies in the first week, making it one of the biggest debut albums of the year.