Kanye West fearlessly told the world how God changed his life and how Jesus saved him from demise. While he feels blessed and joyous for his new-found faith and purpose, it comes with a price and this is the warning he must take heed.

West is a well-known Hollywood personality. Not only he is a multi-million recording artist, he also happens to be married to Kim Kardashian. West is the epitome of Hollywood fame and success. His image is, however, placed in question and criticism by many people especially with his recent admission that he has become a son and follower of God.

Apparently, the criticism because of one’s faith isn’t something new in the world of international entertainment. In fact, actress Patricia Heaton, who is also a Christian, warned West about the challenges that comes along with being a believer.

“I think with someone of his stature in the industry and someone who has his amount of fame makes that kind of proclamation,” Heaton said

“People then really watch and scrutinize everything he does to catch him falling down,” she continued, CBN News reported.

Heaton said she would be praying for West and she hoped he could withstand the intense criticism. There are people who would want to see West fall and the actress hopes he [West] will be able to endure it all.

Some say West does this not for Christianity’s sake but for his own. Recently, he released the “Jesus Is King” album, opening with 264,000 equivalent album units a week after its release. According to the report of Highsnobiety, 109,000 out of 264,000 were album sales and the remaining were from streaming.

Despite the success of “Jesus Is King” album, coupled with West’s Sunday pop-up services, there are still people who are skeptical about his spiritual transformation.

Is this another ploy for West’s sake? Is he using this scheme to gain more fame? Is this really about Jesus Christ… about God or is it still about West and what people say his narcissistic side? These are the questions that people see in the Internet and topic of some debate.

People are entitled to their own opinions. But whatever West’s true intention for doing whatever he does is really up to him and God. He claimed salvation through Jesus Christ. He claimed his mission is to spread the gospel. Despite the backlash he received from people here and there, it seems that he’s rather unaffected. What’s important is his family is supportive of his quest.

Richard Smallwood reportedly told Time that traditional Christian had always “frowned upon anything that is new and innovative.” However, the American gospel music artist appeared to be supporting West’s endeavor, saying that the bottom line of it all is that West’s singing about Jesus Christ and God.