• Kanye West announced that he will be running for president
  • West's presidential announcement received mixed reactions from Twitter users
  • The "Gold Digger" rapper can still run as an independent candidate, but he is already late in some states

Kanye West’s announcement that he will be running for president received mixed reactions from Twitter users.

On Saturday (July 4), West took to social media and made an official announcement that he will be joining the presidential race. The “Gold Digger” rapper’s announcement quickly received mixed reactions from the netizens.

Some questioned West’s decision to join the higher office. Others asked about his mental state.

“This is not an insult. I’m a psychologist. Kanye is not well. Please help him if you care about him,” Andrew Wortman wrote.

Wortman made it clear that he didn’t diagnose West, but the rapper had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and according to him, “Tweets like this a blinking red siren for anyone with any knowledge of mental health.” A different netizen also said that West’s mental state has something to do with his decision-making skills.

In one episode of David Letterman’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” Kim Kardashian’s husband opened up about his mental state. West likened his condition to a “sprained brain.”

“I can just tell you what I'm feeling at the time, and I feel a heightened connection with the universe when I'm ramping up. It is a health issue. This — it's like a sprained brain,” he was quoted as saying by CBS News.

“With us, once our brain gets to a point of spraining, people do everything to make it worse.”

Meanwhile, some believe that Taylor Swift is a better candidate than West and Donald Trump. Others also speculate that West is only running to divide the Democrats because he is an ardent supporter of the POTUS.

“Great way to split the Democrat vote. Well played you guys,” one wrote.

“Is this a ploy to try and get trump re-elected,” another added.

Meanwhile, West’s wife and his friend Elon Musk are supportive of him. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star retweeted her husband’s announcement along with a U.S. flag. On the other hand, Musk expressed his support to West’s political career in the comments section.

“You have my full support!” the Tesla and SpaceX CEO wrote.

However, Forbes noted that West has not filed for any paperwork to get on state election ballots. Although he could still run as an independent candidate, he is already late in some states including Indiana, New York and Texas.

Kanye West
Kanye West is seen in New York in November 2019. AFP/Angela Weiss