If you thought the Kardashian sisters appeared a little different on The Sunday Mirror's newest issue of Notebook, you aren’t alone.

Fans of the reality stars are crying foul following the release of the trio’s latest magazine cover – a monochromatic ode to the never-ending wonders of Photoshop. Though this isn’t the first time a magazine has come under fire for altering a cover image, it is quite peculiar that the ladies' bodies would be blatanlty whittled down for an issue lauding the sisters as "style icons with killer curves." Kim and Khloe are the most obvious victims of the apparent digital slimming. But even Kourtney looks to have received a little extra sinching of her own, frustrating fans and sparking a fresh debate on how much creative license should be allowed when it comes to editing magazine covers.

Several fans have taken to Twitter to share their own views of the cover image. You can read just a few of fan responses to the image below: