Karlie Redd Lyfe Jennings update
Karlie Redd finds out how much Lyfe Jennings’ breakup ring cost on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 5, episode 15. VH1

A lot of relationships came to a bitter end on Season 5, episode 15 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Karlie Redd and Lyfe Jennings have finally decided to go their separate ways, Stevie J and Mimi’s relationship is struggling and Mimi let her ex, Chris Gould, know she’s moved on. However, not every relationship on the reality TV series is going through a tough time. It appears that Lil Scrappy is ready to take things to the next level with Bambi.

The episode kicks off with Karlie taking BFF Jessica Dime with her to a jewelry store to have the ring Lyfe gave her appraised. In episode 14 the singer gave Karlie what she thought was an engagement ring, but it was actually a breakup ring. Karlie wants to know how much the rings costs, and is stunned when she’s told that it’s not a real diamond and cost Lyfe around $10.

Later in the episode she finds out some major dirt about Lyfe that makes her question things with him. At Jessica Dime’s photo shoot for her hair line Jessica introduces Karlie to a woman named Indiya, who tells Karlie that Lyfe is the father of her baby. Karlie doesn’t believe Indiya so she pulls out a DNA test that proves the singer is the dad. Karlie gets upset and she and Indiya start arguing. Karlie shoves Indiya and security rush forward to keep them from fighting. Karlie eventually confronts Lyfe about his secret baby and his cheap breakup ring. Lyfe admits the kid is his and tries to explain that he can’t afford an expensive ring but it still symbolized something. Karlie doesn’t want to hear it and ends things with him.

Meanwhile, Tommie invites Karen “KK” King to her therapy session, which turns out to be a ballet class, and alleges that during her trip to Los Angeles during Grammy weekend Stevie snuck over to her hotel room and tried to sleep with her. Tommie says she kicked Stevie out and called Joseline Hernandez to tell her about it because she believes Joseline may have given Stevie her hotel room number. Tommie then says the following morning she got a knock at her hotel room door and about nine police officers are standing there asking if they could check her room because someone reported that she was hiding a fugitive in there. Tommie thinks Joseline is the one who called the cops to her room. Tommie also admits to being drunk at the ballet class, and starts crying because she misses Scrapp DeLeon, who’s currently in prison.

Tommie later confronts Joseline about her calling the police but she denies it. However, since Tommie is adamant that it was Joseline who tried to get her in trouble, Joseline says she will call the police on Tommie this time. Tommie gets angry and hurls a glass at Joseline but is taken away by security.

Another relationship that completely fell apart is Mimi and Chris’. After Monday’s episode, there’s a good chance the two won’t be getting back together. Mimi says she wants to talk to her ex because Chris has been calling her a lot ever since their breakup. Mimi has moved on and is dating someone else and wants to make it clear that she’s done with Chris. They get into an argument over the split and Mimi ends up picking up a bag and tossing it at Chris before she storms out of the room.

There were a few relationships on the show that managed to escape the drama. Tammy Rivera, who’s going through a split with her husband Waka Flocka Flame, sits down to talk some sense into Scrappy about his romance with Bambi. Scrappy and Bambi are on a break but he wants to get her back. Tammy suggests he steps up and makes a big commitment to Bambi hinting that they should get engaged. Scrappy laughs at the idea, but Tammy tells him that he risks losing her for good if he doesn’t fix things.

KK and Tiarra area also able to work things out and end their long feud. During the episode, KK starts crying and apologizes to Tiarra. Tiarra accepts and tells her that her and Scrapp’s son is always asking about her and his dad.