Karrueche Tran
Karrueche Tran helped her new boyfriend celebrate his birthday. The actress is pictured attending the Turner Upfront on May 17, 2017 in New York City. Getty Images

Although she is in the middle of some major drama with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran appeared to have a fun night out while celebrating her birthday with her new beau, Quavo.

On Wednesday, “The Claws” actress was spotted at New York City hotspot Cipriani, according to TMZ. Tran was ringing in her 29th birthday with friends and family and the Migos rapper was among her many guests.

Although the two arrived and left separately, the couple, who has been dating for a few months, has been trying to keep their romance out of the media.

Elsewhere, Brown shared an Instagram story of his day off at the beach with friends. The singer has been busy on his “Party” tour and finally had a moment to relax.

The singer also shared a post of about love, possibly feeling a certain way about something that may have happened. “The love you give isn’t always the love you get. Life is Love,” he wrote.

When news broke that Tran and Quavo were seeing one another Brown was reportedly upset about the relationship. The singer felt betrayed by the rapper who he thought of as a friend.

Sources told TMZ that the artists had a business and personal relationship which included spending time with each other both in and out of the studio.

Brown worked with Migos on several records and supported the group by attending events and promoting their music before they shot to fame. The “Privacy” singer feels especially betrayed because he has invited the group into his home and promoted their album “Culture” at the same time Quavo was secretly dating Tran.

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Sources revealed that the “Party” singer thinks that Tran filed a restraining against him so Quavo could date her without feeling guilty about his friendship with Brown.

Tran first filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend in February after she received death threats from Brown. In her court documents, the actress revealed that during the course of their relationship, the singer allegedly punched her the stomach twice and pushed her down the stairs.

However, at the time of the restraining order, Tran revealed that Brown told people he would kill her, mentioning that he was going to take her out and threatened to shoot her. Tran also stated that Brown said if he couldn’t have her no one could.

Prior to filing the restraining order, Brown shared a video on Instagram detailing the type of ex-boyfriend he is. In the video that has since been deleted, the singer revealed that he is the type of ex that would make his girlfriend miserable if their relationship ends.

The singer went on to say that he would chase away any new guy who his former girlfriend tries to move on with and revealed that he is the kind of ex-boyfriend who would hop over gates and continuously call and text with the intent of “getting on your nerves.”

Going forward, Tran will have to put on her game face next week when she heads to court in an attempt to get a permanent restraining order against her ex- boyfriend. Although it is reported that she is more than willing to testify against the singer, there is no telling whether or not he will show up. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time he skipped a court date.